Hello there, 
Now that you ended up here, I can see that you are interested in what I do. I am Hien, a Vietnam born, Finnish at heart designer based in Helsinki. I specialise in user experience design evolving the web and mobile application mostly, but I also tiptoe in branding and illustrations. 
I love developers (I secretly don't think they are wankers). I think all of the developers who have collaborated with me in past projects appreciate my understanding of front-end code. They might have hated me for my challenging-to-code design, but it is all just LOVE at the end of the day.
I have now finally realised the benefits of my bachelor diploma (surprise surprise Business Degree). It is no longer just a piece of paper I got after 4 years of hard work, sweats, tears and a lot of family pressure. I apply many of the 'dry' psychology principles and marketing concepts I learned during uni time to everyday work. So NEVER underestimate the power of education.
If what I say intrigues you, don't be a stranger 'cause I am available always for interesting projects. Get in touch through the form on Contact page (because who doesn't love forms, right)
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