Hello there and welcome to my portfolio site. My name is Hien Nguyen. I am a Vietnamese graphic & UI/UX designer based in Helsinki, Finland. I specialise in branding, logo design, web design and mobile application (UX/UI) design.
Across design disciplines, my passion lies within today’s digital world: the web and the mobile. I believe design is not just what it looks like. Design, to me, is how it feels and how well it works. Therefore, as a designer, my ultimate goal for every project I am involved in is to create engaging and intuitive user experiences for the web and mobile applications- ones with beautiful interfaces that are nice to look at. 
With a degree specialised in Marketing and Communications, I aim to create authentic digital products that speak volume about strategic business understanding while carrying enchanting visual design and reliable technical experience.
Having worked on multiple projects involving front-end development, I understand the relationship between designers and developers. Accordingly, I am persistent to ease the collaboration between both parties by effectively communicating through interactive prototypes and wireframes. I am fluent in operating with prototyping tools available on the market as I hope to build pixel perfect designs in peace and help make developers' jobs easier. I believe, this in turn simplifies design hand-off process, thus saving time and resources for project management. 
I am driven by my passion for design and the willpower to better myself every day as a designer. I am not afraid to try out the latest design trends and technologies to push boundaries and create something awesome. 
I am available for freelance work. Shoot me an email here at hiennguyen8694@gmail.com. We might make history together!
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